Fannypacks Hats and Caps were the talk of the town when they were spotted being worn by people sitting in the audience during the Paris Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 2012-13. The Caps and Hats were a common sight throughout the 9 day event where people had the chance to look at creations conceptualized by some of the most highly talked about designers from the global fashion fraternity.Fatima Lopez was the one of the earliest to take a bow on the ramp as she commenced the show with her A Fleur de Peau Collection. The young Portuguese Designer showed how chic and elegant she could be through her sensual tastes in fashion which transformed into some of the most rarely seen dresses. The theme of her collection being 'morphology', she used colour and form in every outfit in a very scientific manner.Showing as if she were a student of the woman body, she added and took away certain portions creating a study-like posture. Though it were her collections that walked away with all the plaudits many could not help but take a peek at all those wearing the Fannypacks Caps and Hats sitting in the audiences.Corrado de Biase was the next to toe the ramp with an entirely different approach to feminine fashion. His collection was based on a rich mix of black and white in addition to subtle shades of grey. The designer has succeeded in creating his own fashion line where ensembles featured cuts and lengths of certain materials to add to a unique touch to every look. The 3-dimensional floral patterns were gorgeously projected bringing with them a deep sense of femininity with the metallic silver being a highly inventive addition in its own right. The ramp walkers had their hair loosely pulled away from the eyes to reveal nonchalant burgundy lips.Despite this majestic depiction, one could not help but notice the Fannypacks Caps and Hats worn by observers sitting on the sidelines including many fashion gurus and columnists employed with leading fashion magazines.Steffie Christiaens was the final choice for the 1st day with her new inspirational collection being a derivative of "ice". The first few looks were predominantly black but represented the designer's take on various shapes and designs a woman could wear and yet look feminine. Soon, cooling colours from red, grey, beige and white emerged. The stylishly creative pieces flowed on the wide catwalk. The soft silk material draped casually on the woman's body created a structural shape and formed in sync as fur attachments adding another dimension.There were these and many more but what many could not help but put their eyes on were the Fannypacks Caps and Hats. With all the talk of having them being written off as outdated, they managed to make another appearance reasserting the fact they are going nowhere and are here to stay.make sure to examine out my blog,by check out this!           


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